Membership Fee Structure

Class A – Licensed Member $200.00

Any person who is licensed to practice surveying in the State of West Virginia is eligible to become a Licensed Member of the Society.  New licensees shall be granted, free of charge, full membership privileges for a period beginning when the society is notified of the new licensee and extending until December 31 of the following year.

Licensed surveyors can also opt to have a five-year membership within WVSPS for a reduced cost of $800.

Class C – Associate Member $75.00

Any person with an associative interest in the profession of surveying and mapping, such as crew chief, crew member, or photogrammetrist; or any person professionally qualified in mathematical, physical or applied sciences or engineering sciences, the criteria for which may be determined and approved by the Board of Directors, may become an Associate Member of the Society.

Class D – Student Member $15.00

Any person pursuing a course of study leading to a career in the profession of surveying, mapping, and/or a related profession may become a Student Member of the Society.

Class E – Affiliate Member $95.00

Members of other professions or occupations, as deemed appropriate by the Board, such as GIS professionals, foresters, lawyers, real estate brokers and engineers who might not otherwise qualify for membership in the Society may become Affiliate Members.

Class G – Sustaining Member $300.00

Any commercial or professional institution or individual interested or engaged in surveying and mapping, or reproduction or compilation of maps, may become a Sustaining Member of the Society.  As a sustaining member a firm or institution shall be entitled to membership rates at society activities for one employee, and shall have only one individual authorized representative with voting privileges.

Class O – Correspondence Member $30.00

Any person may become a Correspondence Member of the Society. They will only receive the “West Virginia Surveyor” newsletter, will not have voting privileges, and will receive no other membership benefits.

Class R – Retired Member $25.00

Any Licensed Member in good standing who has attained the age of 65 and who, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, has retired from the active practice of Professional Surveying and has continually and actively participated in the Society may become a Retired Member of the Society.

Additional Membership Information:

  • The following members are eligible to vote: Licensed Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Retired Member, Charter Member and one authorized individual representative of a Sustaining member.  All the aforementioned individuals, and one authorized individual representative from an Affiliate member, shall also receive membership rates at Society activities.
  • Only Licensed Members may hold the offices of President, President-elect, Vice President, Director-at-Large, and Chapter Representatives.
  • Only Licensed Members enjoy dual membership with NSPS.

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