What do I need to know about Surveyors?

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When you should hire a surveyor:
• When land is not clearly defined by a plat (or map) or legal description
• When establishing an agreed line with a neighbor
• Before clearing or doing construction on “wetland” area (under Corps of Engineers jurisdiction)
• Before building a house or fence
• Before dividing land by deed, will or court
• Before cutting timber
• Before purchasing flood insurance
• Before buying title insurance

What a surveyor can do for you:
• Find your property corners
• Establish new corners
• Mark or paint your property lines
• Locate oil and gas wells
• Determine flood zones

How much will a survey cost?
A surveyor’s fees, just as with other professionals, are variable and dependent on the type of service you require. Other factors that can affect the cost of a survey:
• The amount of research required
• The amount of land to be surveyed
• The type of terrain (including vegetation)
• The accessibility of the land (this may include mileage and travel time)
• The presence of buildings, fences or other structures
• The number of property corners
• The number of personnel and equipment required

Information a Surveyor may need from YOU:
• Purpose of the survey
• Location of the property
• Current owner’s name
• Brief history of ownership (if possible)
• Names of adjacent landowners
• Agreement as to who will be paying the cost of the survey

Remember: the services of a professional surveyor will cost you much less time and money than the worry and frustration of moving a fence or building!

To find a surveyor in your area just contact the West Virginia Society of Professional Surveyors office phone 304-208-8970 or email: wvsps@wvsps.org.

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