WVSPS is a Society of Volunteers Like You!

Build your network, your expertise, and your profile by becoming an active member of the West Virginia Society of Professional Surveyors! WVSPS can give you access to a national network of active and like-minded people, and a really good way to do this is to become an active member of one of the committees helping to build the Society.

The WVSPS Board of Directors would like to invite you to become more involved with the Society. There are several areas in which volunteer help is always welcomed and appreciated.

Budget and Audit Committee

The Budget and Audit committee shall prepare a budget for approval by the Board, and insure that an audit is completed before the third quarter Board of Directors meeting each year. This committee shall review the approved budget and the records of expenditures being made by the Society and bring to the attention of the Board any expenditures over those provided for in the budget. This committee will also recommend to the Board ways and means for improving the financial condition of the Society.

Education Committee

The Education committee shall develop, conduct, sponsor and oversee seminars or other activities to enable members and others to meet continuing education requirements. This committee shall also assist the chapters in their educational efforts both financially and with educational resources. The committee should advise and assist state educational institutions in the development and advancement of surveying education programs.

Legislative Review and Standards of Practice Committee

Proposals for new legislation or revisions of existing laws and standards may be submitted by Society members to the Legislative Review and Standards of Practice Committee, which will study such proposals and recommend whether the Society should act upon them. The committee may also recommend its own proposals to the Society. After legislative recommendations have been adopted by the Society, the Legislative Review and Standards of Practice Committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Legislative Committee.

The Legislative Review and Standards of Practice Committee may consider specific differences of opinion between Professional Surveyors, on standards of practice, laws or legislative rules, and regulations.

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee shall select the date and location of the Annual Convention, and make arrangements for the facilities and program. Members of the Convention Committee shall include the President-elect, the Vice-President, and at least three other members appointed by the President. The Committee shall choose a chairperson from its membership.

Membership and Peer Review Committee

In pursuit of the Objectives in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution, the Membership and Peer Review Committee shall advise the Board on the status of membership and recommend to the Board effective methods for increasing membership. This committee shall also assist the Board in promoting the Society to the entire surveying community within the state and assist the chapters of the Society in their membership development efforts. It shall also be the duty of this committee to administer disciplinary actions, as specified in Bylaw 2.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for election as officers and directors of the Society. Their slate, together with a brief biographical sketch of each nominee, shall be presented at the regular fourth quarter Board of Directors meeting each year. At the regular second quarter Board Meeting each year, the Nominating Committee shall present a list of no more than five potential candidates for appointment to each vacancy on the Board of Professional surveyors.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall supervise the monitoring of legislative activity for issues of concern to the Society, assist in drafting proposed legislation and the communication of such proposals to the Legislature. This committee shall provide and oversee efforts in support of the legislative proposals of the Society or the defeat of legislative proposals of others that may be contrary to the interests of the Society and the surveying profession.

The Legislative Committee shall communicate legislative and governmental activities to the Board of Directors and Society members and recommend to the Board those policies and programs by which the Society’s legislative activities can be more effective.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Committee

The GIS committee shall promote communication with GIS professionals, and seek productive relationships with GIS professional Societies.

Membership at a committee level fosters international collaborative relationships with like-minded colleagues, and may well enhance your professional standing and opportunities. Note that if you are already a committee member you will still need to reach out and volunteer for the upcoming year.

To volunteer for one of our committees, members may check their email for the application form.

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